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What you need to know to get started.

New students always start off with a free consultation.

The consultation is either a 1/2 hour or 1 hour long and it gives us a chance to meet before the lessons begin and it gives me a great opportunity to find out what specific goals the student might have for their lessons and also gives me the chance to show them some of the lesson content that is available and what they can generally expect from lessons here. There is nothing they need to bring to the consultation and they are not expected to perform anything at the consultation.

For students attending lessons over Skype, FaceTime or Facebook Messenger Video the consultation also gives us an opportunity to make certain that the technology will be all set up before the scheduled time of the first lesson. For Skype students my ID is james.linderman866 and for FaceTime please use info@jameslinderman.com.

For students attending lessons in person here at the studio I am at 866 Surin Court here in Newmarket Ontario Canada (Mulock and College Manor). Please use the side door entrance and no need to knock or ring the doorbell, just come straight into the waiting room and I will greet you there.

I am always running a new student special and I lock the special rate in for various durations of your first few months of lessons and I will be happy to go over the current deal for new students before or during your free consultation.

I encourage students to pay their lesson fees at the start of the month to get it out of the way and I offer unlimited, unconditional, free reschedules for all missed lessons, so your lessons that are paid for, at the first of the month, are guaranteed to happen. You can also bank missed lessons and take them anytime in the lesson year that works best for you. There is a lot of scheduling flexibility here.

If a student starts lessons anytime in the middle of a month then we reduce that first payment to accommodate the “mid month” start but once a student begins lessons, any missed lessons are rescheduled as opposed to altering the payment to reflect the # of lessons taken. This policy not only encourages consistency of progress for the student by providing consistency of instruction and attendance, but this also gives me a clear idea of what to expect my monthly income to be, so we can plan as a family, since teaching is my full time occupation.

When a student needs to miss an upcoming lesson they can e-mail me anytime to let me know, and then I send them a response that has all the current available reschedule times listed. To be able to offer everyone the greatest number of times, I offer all the currently available times to everyone needing to be scheduled in, and so if the times they select are spoken for when they get back to me that is not a problem, I am always happy to send more options and we always get everybody booked in.

The regular fees for lessons here are $80 per month for weekly 1/2 hour lessons and $160 for full hours. For students struggling to cover fees I often re-negotiate fees as I never lose a student that is successful and happy to be in lesson here over a policy or $.

Fees can be paid through e-transfers to my info@jameslinderman.com e-mail address, or with the PayPal options on my website (or by cheque or cash if attending lessons in studio). Receipts are available for all methods of payment on request.

I also encourage referrals and when students recommend a friend for lessons here and their friend signs up, the recommending student gets their lessons that month for free. I attempt to make it easy to recommend me by working hard and inspiring students to be great, but this is a terrific way for me to show my appreciation for recommending me as a teacher. Because I teach over Skype, students can recommend me to anyone, anywhere in the world.

For most correspondence e-mail works best since I do not answer or look at my phone during lessons and lessons happen here pretty much all the time. If a student needs to reach me by phone I am happy to provide the number and arrange a call time.

Thanks so much for your interest in lessons here and please let me know if you have any other questions.

All guitar, piano, bass and theory lessons are designed and conducted by James Linderman. James has been teaching for over 40 years and teaches lessons in his studio in Newmarket Ontario as well as to students all over the world over Skype.

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