All guitar, piano, bass and theory lessons are designed and conducted by James Linderman. James has been teaching for over 40 years and teaches lessons in his studio in Newmarket Ontario as well as to students all over the world over Skype.

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Monthly Lessons Available

Guitar, piano, bass and songwriting coaching lessons can now be purchased online, and on a month-to-month basis.
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These are just some of the books James teaches from:

• A Modern Method for Guitar Vol.1 by William Leavitt, Berklee College Press

• Melodic Rhythms for Guitar, by William Leavitt, Berklee College Press

• Modern Reading Text in 4/4 Time by Louis Belson

• Mel Bay’s Complete Book of Guitar Chords, Scales and Arpeggios by William Bay.

All books can be purchased from any music book retailer or online. Students are encouraged to take the books to Staples to have them wire spiral bound (not surlox). Piano, bass and theory book lists are provided after the first few lessons. All students are also required to bring an empty binder to their lessons for support materials such as technical requirements and recreational songs they choose to learn.

30 Minute Lessons*

  • Once A Week • Sept to June

60 Minute Lessons*

  • Once A Week • Sept to June

All lessons are once a week, and are billed out at $99.00 per month for half hour lessons and $198.00 for full hour lessons for the regular lesson season running from September (or the date you signed up) to June.

Lesson fees can be paid when lessons begin with post dated cheques made payable to “James Linderman” and dated for the first of each month or paid by e-transfer or paid on this websites pay pal buttons. Lesson fees are due on the first day of each month.

Summer lessons are also available but are scheduled and billed as a separate lesson season.

Each student is scheduled for a specific time and day of the week for their lesson. Students may reschedule any, and all missed lessons during the lesson year. Alternate times are always available throughout the lesson season to make up a missed lesson and students and parents are encouraged to inquire about available times for their reschedules. Any lessons canceled by the teacher are also subject to be rescheduled.

No notice is required when a student wishes to end lessons before the end of the lesson year, however payments will not be refunded for fees already paid for that month’s lessons and times for the next season will not be reserved for students not completing the full lesson year to the end of June unless those missed times are completed through rescheduling.

If taking lessons here in studio, please drive very slowly and carefully on Surin Court in consideration of my neighbours, especially those with children who enjoy playing on the street, and particularly during the nicer weathers. Please be aware of their presence and visit our street as a cautious and responsible guest. Skype students and students who walk to their lessons may, however, travel to lessons at any speed they like.

Contact James at info@jameslinderman,com.