Power Up Workshop-Feb 20, 2015

Song Writing Derby: James Linderman, Stephen Lewis, Ali Matthews, Nevon Sinclair (10:00 AM – 1:00 PM)

Back by popular demand, delegates will have the opportunity to either perform live or play a CD of an original composition and benefit from the panelists’ experience and knowledge of the craft of song writing. Our guest panel consists of 4 of the most experienced Christian songwriters in Canada today: James Linderman, Ali Matthews, Stephen Lewis and Nevon Sinclair. Their comments will be constructive and administered in a helpful and gentle manner. The Demo Derby is a very fun and extremely uplifting highlight within Power Up each year, and always provides tremendous encouragement and guidance to song writing delegates. Please feel free to join us regardless of whether you are just starting out or are a more experienced songwriter.
You will learn how to specifically improve the song that you present, but also learn from the songs presented by others. You will also gain insight into the editing process and how to take your writing to another level! You may even be chosen to sing at the Power Up showcase on Saturday afternoon!. Bring a song that you can sing, either with or without accompaniment, or provide a CD recording of that song (make certain that the recording plays on a CD player and not just on a computer). Please bring 4 typed copies of your lyrics. As soon as you arrive at the Derby, sign up at the panelists’ table for the opportunity to present your song.

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