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I don’t know who this guy is, but his name is James Linderman…

Published on Dec 21, 2013
Songwriting teacher in Nashville quotes my article “The Hit Song Puzzle”

Student Feedback

James is a knowledgeable, passionate, and hard-working guitar teacher/ songwriting coach who has an in-depth understanding of the guitar, the craft of songwriting, and the music business. I have worked with him as an online songwriting coach for the Songwriters Association of Canada, and he goes above and beyond the call of duty to provide instruction, information, feedback, (and entertainment!) to serve as many people as he possibly can. James is high-energy and positive, and he can help any student reach his or her musical goals while delivering fun teaching sessions online or in person. Furthermore, James writes some great songs. I highly recommend his work.

Debra Alexander, Songwriter and Songwriting Coach

Simply put…James has the heart of a teacher. His calm demeanour; great sense of humour, and ability to make learning enjoyable, are some of the great qualities of James. If you’re looking to enroll your child into some form of music lessons, look no further. You and your child won’t be disappointed.

Andrew H., Guitar Student

Dear James

Thanks so much for teaching me how to play Blackbird by The Beatles. It is my Dad’s favourite song and he will freak out when he hears me play it for his birthday next week. Thanks for helping me get to this level in my guitar playing. You are my favourite teacher of all time.

Jason W., Guitar Student

Hi James,

Thank you for an awesome lesson! I learned more in 30 minutes than in a few months on my own. I really appreciate your teaching style.

I would love to take some lessons from you. Can I do four lessons in June?

Also, I will contact the Songwriters Association to give you stellar recommendations. Your teaching time is a very high value in terms of how quickly you can communicate a lot of information!

Thanks again!

Stacey, Student

Song Forms for Songwriters | Workbook Feedback

Hi James,

I just got the copy of your book Song Forms for Songwriters, that I purchased from you, on Friday in the mail. I took the weekend to learn the process of writing with it over the weekend and by Sunday, I had written the start to a song. I used template #11 and I used your assignment in the book to write a traditional bluegrass song, which is a style I had never written in. Even as it stands now, as just a chord progression with no tune or words on it, it is the most complete sounding thing I have written so far. This book is very helpful and I thought you would be pleased to know that. Best Regards, John

John Bradford, Purchaser of Song Forms for Songwriters

Hi James,

Thanks again so much for your wonderful talent! In my mind you are both a tremendous songwriter and a inspiring educator. I look forward to spending some time exploring your book and if you don’t mind I would love to get some material together and book another session with you. I also have lots of questions about the business end of songwriting.

I have been writing for about 7 years now after studying jazz in university and I must say writing songs has given me so much joy over the years. I started out writing simple pop tunes dedicated to various people in my life – teachers, family and friends. Now I am leaning more on writing soul or Motown inspired music which is great because now I can add a horn section 🙂

I am just finishing up my second album with my band called The Commotions so I will keep you on the loop if you are interested.

Thanks again, wishing you the best

Brian Asselin, Purchaser of Song Forms for Songwriters

Thanks James! BTW, I’m loving your new book. Writing to the song forms is showing me how much I have been limited when writing. The melodies and chord structures I’m coming up with from the book are so enjoyable I can’t stop playing them.

Peter Benes, Purchaser of Song Forms for Songwriters

James Linderman has created a very useful book to help with the process of songwriting. I created a song entitled “The Vanishing Stage” fairly quickly using the first template in his book. You could probably write hundreds of different songs using the first template alone, and he’s listed 100 templates in the book! I’m a bit behind in writing, but I’m working on a song entitled “Aquaman” using the 2nd template. Hope to have it finished soon.

Matthew Gerber, Song Forms for Songwriters Endorsement